How to get high-end Visualization for a low price in 2021?

The reason why I have made such a thing for you, is that during the last year a lot of my clients in Australia have had a drop down in their upcoming projects, therefore they had to find 3d visualizers that fit their budget. So I thought that you might be interested in reading it. However, If you are not curious about that topic, nor about being ahead of your competitors and winning the attention of new potential clients, then just ignore it.

You have undoubtedly been attracted by the headline, and I am sure that I won’t let you down in that.

Well, reducing the prices was not an option for me in any way, because I have found that, within our clients base in Australia it is not always about the price. However, to win a new client like you, we need to show you that even with a low budget there is an option to work together.

So how are we able to do that?

We have listed all the steps that I usually do to finish any type of visualization that we have had in the past 10 years, and optimized the workflow to fit your goal and budget. We found that four areas are the most time consuming and in case they are already delivered, then there is no need to charge a high-price, as our mission is going to last for maximum of one week in that case.

1 Modelling

Modelling is a huge time consumer, and we get it delivered most of the time. However, when it is an approximate model without details, we have to remodel and add a lot of geometry, therefore that will cost time and money.
So the best case and cheapest one for you is when you can deliver a well modeled design that we can base out visualization on.

2 Furniture

Furniture is also not easy to get in a short time, one of our client (Omvivo – a Schiavello group company) sends us all the details and the 3d models of the furniture, so we spend approx. 2-3 days to finish the complete package for them. On the other side, when an interior designer gives us sample pictures of the desired furniture, then we will spend time to find them as a clear modeled 3d-furniture, or we need to model it. 
So It would get you extra money if you can provide us with the furniture that you like to put in the scene.

3 Materials

Materials and lighting, those are less time consumers than the two above, but It would save time and therefore money in case they will be defined and delivered in a good resolution for materials, and well specified for lighting. 

So when you can provide us with high resolution materials and good specified details about the lighting, you would ensure getting a lower price.



In short, to get high-end renders for a low price is a good deal for all when prepared in advance. Therefore, you should definitely decide whether a little more investment would relieve you from wasting excessive time around details. 

Choose the option that fits you from your three options below, and I can tell you, for sure, saving money on visualization is not going to make you rich, but it can be a little support for you and your team in those times. 

Below is the simple process of how we work, and the prices that you can consider for your current project, or the upcoming project.

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