Should I use my In-house render team or should I outsource 3d?

Do I need high-end 3d renders?

Well, as I am running my own visualization studio, and writing this article, the obvious answer is yes 🙂 you should outsource. Of course, having an in-house team, or using Enscape or Lumion with integration with Revit or Sketchup can give you a quick results that is enough for you as a designer, but the question is, is that enough for the end-client to understand that illustrated image?
Besides that, the visualization industry is growing rapidly, so if you are trying to increase your profit margins and reduce costs, setting up an outsourced 3D rendering can have a big effect.

You can get access to a professional 3D rendering at the expense of hiring an employee. Therefore, your company will have access to the most advanced tools for the job at hand, all included.

Outsourcing 3D modeling will pay you much less than if you have an internal team. With an in-house group, you have to pay a salary and invest a lot of time in training.
Although it can be tempting to develop resources for an in-house 3D assets creation due to many reasons, outsourcing to a dedicated third-party provider makes more sense in the long term. Even if you outsource all the 3D assets you need, developing, managing, setting up, and maintaining this complex and fast discipline can limit your scalability. You demand your team’s ability to keep up with a never-ending stream of fresh products when creating 3D visuals.
If your project requirements go beyond your core competencies, it is a better decision to outsource them rather than spend valuable time learning them.

When to outsource the project?

There are moments when you’re trying to take your business to the next level, and you search for a way to achieve that.

One such moment is when you realize that your business needs 3D rendering that you don’t have in-house. Companies always have the ability to outsource talent for things like 3D rendering. If you’re an architecture, interior design, or real estate company, you can’t afford to go out of business without 3D rendering.

Minimizing labor costs can make a big difference in the success of your service, and outsourcing has significant benefits that will increase your performance and productivity.  

Hiring outsourced 3D modeling and rendering services can have a positive impact and save you time and money for your next project. To create a 3D presentation, your business would need to spend time, energy, resources, money, and time. Instead, an experienced and well-trained team could produce  visuals and impress your client.


  • You can get access to the high-end visuals at a price of one employee.
  • Specialists from achviz companies are doing only that. It means that they have honed their skills 


  • There are some clients that are not ready to pay for a premium service.